New Twitch drop: Epic Nameplate 'Whose World is This?'

Just unlocked this after an hour of viewing. Thought I’d post here as some of you may have been unaware.

Promo image:

In game:


Thanks. Wasn’t aware of this drop.

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Also worth noting the promotional material references it as an ‘emblem’ but it’s a nameplate.

Not sure how they got that wrong.

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If I see emblem now I think nameplate/profile emblem, as opposed to armor/weapon/vehicle emblem where they tend to get explicitly stated.

They also keep referring to a stance as a pose :laughing:

It goes to show that whoever is in marketing doesn’t play their own game if they’re not getting the terminology correct.

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When is this actually live for getting the drop? I don’t see anything in the schedule.

Says 2pm CT which I think is 8pm GMT for us Brits


It is 8pm yeah, I’ve got an alarm set to to watch. Quite like the look of this nameplate although I’m not too bothered about the stream so won’t be sticking around for this one.