New TV Show Trailer

They were not kidding regarding this being an alternative story with the characters. It looks great like production value wise, just a shame it’s on Paramount Plus as I already have two streaming subscriptions.

  • I was expecting some Halo 4 vibes but I am surprised how explicit they are in expressing that the Spartans are controlled. Sure, there’s always the idea the Spartan programme was rough but never that this was an objective and it does make the UNSC seem a little darker. Could be a misdirect mind.

  • Cortana is a bit like Isabel from Halo Wars 2 where her hologram has colour but more human with the face. You’ll know what I mean. Also, you just knew they were going to put that first meeting in the TV show. :smile: Surprised we didn’t see more of her TBH. Perhaps she arrives fairly late in the series.

  • Halsey has a British accent. Okay.

  • There’s a human villain in the Covenant. :eyes: Many, many questions.

  • Very Mass Effect with the Chief finding an artefact that changed him. Whatever that means. Perhaps they’re starting early with the stuff Librarian did with him or it’s just general Reclaimer stuff.

  • The Insurrectionists are still using AK47 500 years in the future. :smile:

  • No sign of Blue Team. :thinking:

  • Elites look pretty good.

  • Spotted a Halo 4 Jackal.

In general it looks to be a reimagined Fall of Reach. They’re looking for the Halo Ring and presumably it will end with them finding it and Reach falling.


Nah looked pretty bad but I’m glad you enjoyed it


That was my exact thought too. ME1 touching the obelisk for the first time.


I went in with expectations so low an Olympic limbo dancer would have struggled to get under them but was actually pleasantly surprised.

Then Derptana got screen time and I lold hard.


Just noticed the chief getting back smacked off the elite and then turning around and melee’ing it right back in the face.

It might be the silver timeline, but at least its Infinite accurate.


Literally 30 seconds through and already bored enough to come comment again. Looks like poo, and this has Spielberg attached. :man_facepalming:t2:like Robert Rodriguez fumbling Star Wars right now. Anyways, Cortana was always intended to be British, this is why she says some British insults in the first one like sod off!


Oh no I love the voice actress she is great… but Derptana looks like sonic before he got fixed for the movie.


Oh my God Cortana looks bad and Chief’s voice! Hahahaha, dang they made us wait this long for this… This is just perfect for 343.


Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting naked tana but by god Derptana is… well derpy.

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You probably enjoyed infinite’s campaign and get entertained from poop jokes.

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I know you didn’t quote me, but…

Yes. And yes.


Nope I didn’t, so please excuse yourself from my conversation you pooper.

It looked really unimpressive to me.

I don’t know why everybody wants to do live action, Halo would be like 5x better in Anime style, so the logic behind it is just dumb in my opinion. Sci-fi universes typically need tons of CGI to be awesome nowadays.


Yeah chiefs voice definitely throws me off, at least imitate a close version to the games not just a human voice with an auto tune effect lol. Like what is that?


Iam guessing giving her skin is to make her look more human. Perhaps they were concerned that general viewers might see her as too cartoonish otherwise. If, they are doing some drama between Chief/Cortana that would be a concern.

Bit premature to judge from one scene. For all we know she changes her appearance every episode.


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Even the weapon looked better than Derptana

looks like garbage. cant wait for all the halo youtubers to have “tHiS LoOkS aMaZInG!!!” in their thumbnails and titles though


I’m in the UK so not sure if or when it will be available. I always like to pay for things, but if they make it difficult or seriously delayed then I will hit the high seas.

Looks fine to me. Some good names attached so I have high hopes. Had no issues with the trailer myself. Not everything has to be a perfectly crafted cinematic masterpiece, some stuff can just be a little bit of dumb fun every week.


I’ll be sorely disappointed if the chief doesn’t look at the camera and ask why his shots don’t register as he gets rubber banded across the set.

Or blames the entire conflict on geo filtering.


i hope he mentions that he only had to pay 20000 credits for his armor and how good of a deal it was and say his war is free to fight


I want a movie done by Blur studios, like the H2A cutscenes, my god.