New To Halo Forums But...?


I’m new to the Halo Forums and saw the “login” button, clicked it and I was logged in as someone else under a different pfp?

If you click on my summary, there’s replies or topics that no way could’ve been mine. From what I saw, the old lad wasn’t too nice lol

Wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.

The same thing happened to me when I got on the new forum for the first time. I don’t know why, but logging out and re-logging in fixed it for me. The idea of the site accidentally logging in someone else as me is disconcerting, because I wouldn’t have any control over what that person did in my name.

Just happened again, im literally a different person than the one that made this thread but it says it came from my account?

Did the same thing to me. It seems like it’s a visual bug and you’re not actually signed in as the account although it looks like you are. You are signed in to your correct account but it appears to be someone else’s.

It showed I made posts that I 100% didn’t make, when I signed our and signed back in, it fixed the issue and those posts now show under the correct account and no longer look like I posted them.

They need better forum software, it’s 2021… come on lol

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