New to Halo 5

Well i got halo 5 i have played the previous halo games on my console any things i should know before i jump into a multiplayer match agaisnt other players

Use the pistol over AR is most cases. 4 sensitivity, play on Bumper Jumper, no vibration.

Ok, I’ve been playing Halo 5 sense launch and I have the game play strategy down good I think.

  1. Use the thruster pack whenever you can, not saying put yourself in a position to use it every time, but the thrusters are very useful and can be used in almost any situation.
  2. Stick with teammates, like all the other Halos, it has a very team based play strategy.
  3. Learn the maps, you need to know when and where people will be on the map at certain points in the game.
  4. Don’t head into arena strait away, play a little Warzone until you get a good feel for the controls.
    Hope that helps

Control Vibrations on. Shotguns are way op, ar’s fire a longer range and more accurate. stay moving in a game. And dont walk away or quit a game. They are coming down hard on those people with bans.

You need to just dive in and figure it out.

The sensitivity is different than any other Halo, so go in on default and then set it how it feels good to you, not where anyone tells you. Same with control scheme. Play a few Warzone matches to get a feel for it. If you’re terrible there, you’re team won’t feel it like they will in arena. Get the aiming and maneuvering and weapon handling down in Warzone first.

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> Use the pistol over AR is most cases. 4 sensitivity, play on Bumper Jumper, no vibration.

All weapon are well balance. Play the control scheme that fit you the most. Not because pro use bumper jumper that you have to as well. Assassination is fun but risky you can always turn off the animation if you want.
Latest update added new way to configure your controller sensitivity I would use this link to get the best feeling out of your controller with, for me and what I think most of people, acceleration to 2. This would allow you to get the closest feeling to previous Halo title with your controller.