New to Forge!

Hey there,

I’m new to the joys of Forging; just took my first proper flyby in a hornet, and was blown away by the space!

I want to have a go at creating a watery map, probably for some close combat 4v4 team slayer (I was thinking over by one of the waterfalls perhaps?) and mainly using the natural blocks, just with a few other things to give it some structure.

I am planning, in my mind, for a layout similar to Guardian as a starter but am a bit intimidated by the overall space. Anyone know of any other forge world maps I could use as a base? Or anyone that would be willing to ‘look after me’ through my forging sometime, probably over this weekend and give me some feedback?



Your idea sounds similar to The Cage map in terms of setting and scale. Maybe load that map up in Forge and take a look around to see how it’s made and get a feel for how it’s intended to flow.

Do you have a starting design or concept? Many folks scribble or doodle on paper a rough layout to get a feel for what they want before they start building. It’s useful as it lets you realise vague ideas into something more solid plus it may help you make some decisions regarding the overall layout.

Something very important in Forge is knowing how to use it. It might be helpful, particularly if you are new to Forge, to spend some time just messing about about and experimenting. You might be surprised about how some objects interact with each other or you might find a combination of object or techniques that you might find suitable for an idea.

If want to read through somebody’s experiences starting a map from scratch, give this a read. - Forging Ahead by Ghaleon on Forward Unto Dawn

Ghaleon takes you through the process from start to finish - it might give you some ideas or tips on refinements.

I’d be happy to help.

Some other handy resources;

Thanks for the reply Slightly Live, this is really helpful…

My initial concept is a very much water based, out in one of the coves in forgeworld. I see what you mean about The Cage being a good starting point; interesting as I find The Cage the map that’s the least suited to my play type (I always lose on it, no matter than game type!).

I will start having a doodle and see what I come up with, I guess really I’ll probably end up with a triple level map, with two main designated bases similar to The Cage and hopefully with a Guardian feel as well.

I’ll look through Ghaleon’s blog; I’ve just had a sneaky peek and it looks like its really useful as a place to refine elements of the map once I have got properly started.

Also messing and playing in Forgeworld sounds like a great way to spend an hour or four of my time so I think I can do that all in the name of research.

Thanks again!

No worries. =)

Remember not to get too fussed at this stage and never get too attached to a particular design. You’ll find that after you mess around for a while in Forge you’ll come to know how the building blocks fits together and what works well with what. You may even go back and redraw your map a few times; I know I have.

I’ve ran through hundreds of maps at various stages from all types of folks. Feel free to ask for feedback whenever you need it.

Thanks muchly; once I have had a play in Forge I’ll see where it takes me… I generally get over excited and change my mind anyway so I’ll definitely keep my mind open.

Once I have something that I am not desperately embarrassed about, I’ll give it a share!