New times not counting

Has anyone had this issue with times on MCC on PC? I’m trying to beat Halo Reach in under three hours on Legendary and I should have it by now but I can’t get the mission Nightfull to actually count my time. I was able to get 4:54 but it won’t change from my original time I got when it first came out last year.

These are my times so far

Winter Contingency: 16:19
ONI: Sword Base: 12:10
Nightfall: 4:54
Tip of the Spear: 12:29
Long Night of Solace: 36:16
Exodus: 24:17
New Alexandria: 18:09
The Package: 26:23
The Pillar of Autumn: 27:30
Lone Wolf: 00:11

Total: 2:58:38

This was a problem I ran into while attempting CE in under 3 hours. It was a bit of a nuisance at first, but ultimately I started using my service record on waypoint. Not much of an issue if its a window away.

I stopped caring after I got my nameplate tbh. Still would be nice to see my friends times though