New Things In Custom Games/Forge

First thing to note, I am writing under the pretense that forge will be like Halo 5 Guardians, but with the addition of AI forging.
Lets get the small thing out of the way first.
New Spawning animations and styles: In Halo 5, their is an option in the properties menu of the spawn points to enable a running start. This option was include to make Breakout custom maps. It would be amazing to have more and unique options in Infinite. I only have two examples, but it would be cool to see them in the game. The first one is a pelican spawn/wave spawning. Like in warzone, pelicans would initially drop groups of players in specific spots controlled by the spawn points. Then, later in the game, just spawn them in regularly, but in waves. Wave spawning would be useful in infection maps to spawn waves of infected at the same time rather than one by one. All of the options can be controlled through the spawn points and would include options like: Spawn channel: Normal, Wave. Spawn Animation: Appear, Teleport, Drop ship, Drop pod. And some options having variants, for example, the drop ship would have an option like: Drop Ship Type: Pelican, Phantom, Spirit, etc. Or Drop pod Type: Single or Cluster.

Custom Game modes revolving around AI: Another addition I would like to see is Spawnable AI in custom games and being able to create game modes around them. An example of this is Attack and Defend games; where the objective is to kill all of the AI in a map or to defend a point from them until they are killed. With more modes like target, wanted, Infection, etc. (Make those names mean anything you want, I haven’t thought of everything. XD) This would give a reason for the new spawning animations. You could make a Phantom or Spirit drop grunts and elites off in custom maps with custom game modes. Have marines/ODSTs help Spartans in custom firefight matches. And the possibilities just grow from there. Have a mix of Player and AI controlled flood rain down on surviving Spartans who took shelter in an abandoned farm house. Make a map where the goal is a number of Spartans are sent to assassinate an AI leader. Create the ultimate parkour map where when you fall off a platform the flood would murder you. Stylize a covenant D-Day if you want. Recrate campaign maps from past halo games. And so on. All with options on what type of AI to spawn, what their weapons are, how they spawn, how they act, their health, how much damage they take, how much damage they do, etc. With all of these features, this, in my opinion, would be one of the best Halo games.

What custom game features would you want? What do you think of my ideas? And what would you make if Halo Infinite had this?
Thank you for your time in this forum.

Agreeing with you on the idea that using AI in Forge to whatever capacity would be a real Halo game changer. Custom game modes would grow exponentially for both multiplayer and single-player. And in my opinion, this must factor into 343 ambitions and their reasoning for calling the game Halo Infinite.

Set event triggers:
When the player step in X area, after X amount of seconds, X amount of enemies will apear in a particular location the player will put. Once this wave is beaten, a music is triggered on background and an objectif appear in the player HUD.
Reaching this objectif will result on a victory or a defeat for the player.