New things for Halo 4

Over the years Halo has added tons of new things. Forge, theater, new gamemodes etc.

Now this is not a thread about changing things from Reach. There are tons of threads like that. I don’t wanna see any " just remove bloom and and your done". I want some new things that past Halo’s haven’t done.

My ideas:

A playlist for Space Combat

Somewhere be able to drive a scarab

I wanna see a new covenant species

I gtg you guys take over

add forerunner or whatever new species is in 4 into multiplayer + the legendary edition to have UNIQUE (unlike reconz ) armor codes for entire body and for each species for elites and covie make it highest ranked for spartans have somthing like a katana for assasinations and full body flames

~Custom color individually for each armour peice

~Objectives for FireFight (CTF, Assult, territories)

~FireFight Spec Ops(Invasion)

~Friendly human AI in FireFight

~Command system for friendly AI (swap weapons, Go there, Defend here, grab that)

~Switching gametypes Midgame(starts as slayer switches to CTF)

~Gametype hybirds (VIP/Territories, Assault/Slayer)

~Selectable species in customs(grunts, brutes, jackels, Flood, ect…)

~Individual Weapon trait options for customs

~One cookie every time your the top player of a matchmaking game