New theory about the Precursors and Flood

Primordium and Prometheus spoilers below

The Primordial said that the Precursors and the Flood are one and the same…so this would mean that they’re the same thing. This leads to a dilemma: The Flood wish to consume everything, and they are obviously a disgusting green juice dripping slimy thing. Now how could something that doesn’t care about life, simply to make everything part of it, create the Forerunners and humans?

This led me to one conclusion: that, similar to Prometheus, the Precursors used their DNA to make the Flood, which would explain the Flood’s magnificent ability to grow into such an intelligent force (gathering information then eventually becoming a gravemind)

You could say, the Primordial was just a gravemind that was screwing with the Didact…but the Primordial was locked away for millions of years. Why would the Precursors simply put him there to screw with everyone? He also said “it is your task to kill this servant, that another will be freed”. So he obviously had a purpose.

What are your thoughts? Can’t wait for Silentium to reveal the answers.

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Unity. And sweetness.

After the destruction of the Precursor civilization by ancient Forerunner, those who survived abandoned this galaxy. The last Precursors put every ounce of their lives into a solution to the chaos that was freedom. The Mantle they created, that they strived to pass down and unite this crippled galaxy fell apart, all because one of their children (other being human), decided it was their right to carry the Mantle and ascend.

The Forerunners were jealous and selfish, they were insulted that the Precursors were going to choose Humanity, their siblings, and decided to retaliate. The Precursors hearts were broken, but they would have their revenge, with the Flood. First they used the Flood to force humanity and Forerunner into a collision, causing the initial war between human and flood, then forced the Forerunners to stir, ultimately causing them to commit mass genocide, so that the Flood could one day return, and absolve this galaxy of its sins; war.

The Flood ARE the Mantle, not created to be mindless, hungry monsters, but starving for unity, to unite the galaxy under one conscious mind; that of the Last Precursor. Whom no doubt arrived in this galaxy with the initial Flood spores and locked himself away on Charum Hakor.

The Primordial, in essence, was the Last Precursor, but the first of a new life, as the Flood’s central, thriving intelligence. It is my belief that when the Primordial was killed, we did set him free, and give birth to another; Bornstellar gave birth to the Gravemind intelligence we know today. His death evolved the Flood, so that the Precursors would never truly be lost, instead, the Last would be Timeless, an endless chorus that was the Flood’s song.

At least that’s how I see it.