New theater Idea

I was watching some dominion game play yesterday and when I saw the holographic vehicles it gave me an idea for theater mode.

What if there was a special theater mode where you walked around on the map as if you were playing a normal game but the footage of the game you are watching played by in hologram from?
then you could turn into the monitor to manipulate the film (play, pause, fast forward, ect.) So kind of like an awesome mix between forge and theater.
Then maybe you could go up to individual holograms of people and “activate” them so they do damage.
Its only recorded footage so they can’t react differently and you cant kill them, but you could go to a certain point in the video, put your self in the same scenario you died in previously and try to see if you could doge something if you moved better.

what do you guys think?
cool, stupid, interesting concept to build on?

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I like it. It’s neat and something I haven’t seen in a Halo game before.

It would be good if you could have multiple people in theater and have a party leader who controls the video

So basically you can run and do everything as you can in the match, whilst everything is playing?


The only thing I want is the 4 player coop on theater.

This is pretty cool though.

Nobody in the video would be reacting to anything you do, so I fail to see how this would work in any way. If anything, it’d be exactly the same as Theater is now.

What do you mean see if there was something different you could’ve done to survive? The “hologram” wouldn’t adjust what it did for your “new” moves, so you’d gain zero insight.

It sounds like the only difference would be that the holograms can hurt you, but that would only be if you walked in front of their pre-determined damage attempts.

Yeah, pretty much the same as the regular theater we have now but with walking around. It could be useful in ways though, if you could do this with multiple people at the same time you could literally walk through a friends game footage with him then show him where you would have went and stuff.
I just thought it would be kind of neat, so you feel a little more engaged while sifting through footage.

Spot on observation, you are right there would be no new insight, but you could put your self right at a point before you died and then press play and try and dodge a fatal sniper shot or rocket. Most of the times this would be pointless but on a few occasions maybe you would find out through trial and error there was some trick jump you could have done to get to safety.

Another idea that could be useful is to find footage of a really good dmr or br player and copy his movements trying to line up exactly where his hologram gos, so you see what its like when a good player strafes and dodges in a br/dmr fight.
or maybe find footage of some awesome trick jumpers and try and jump just like their hologram.

In my head I pictured the holograms not hurting you by default but being able to hurt you if you wanted them to, yes you would have to walk in front of their predetermined attempts.

Now that I think about it this would be just like the ghosts from mario kart, not a revolutionary concept and there aren’t that many added benefits but I think it could be a fun addition.
(also thank you for the response, I appreciate it)

That actually sounds like a great idea.

Nice job. The more options they better in my opinion.