New teammates come in at the worst times.

So I just finished a match of Tank World on the Community Action Sack playlist. Right off the bat two of my teammates either quit willingly, or were kicked for some other plethora of reasons. Naturally, morale is low when you’re already outnumbered 2:1. Nevertheless, my only teammate and myself put up a good fight. The time finally comes to where we’ve lost 2 rounds and the upcoming round will decide if the other team will win or if we’ll get another chance. Right as we spawn in, two new teammates join in but since the round has started they aren’t allowed to join the round. It’s as if they were allowed to join just to slap the two of us in the face. This has happened to me many times before on every other playlist but this one finally got to me. Well fellow Spartans, has this been a noticeable issue/annoyance with you as well? Let me know!