New sword? and all species?

I know the Legendary Halo movies are not cannon but remember the story about how the Rings cam to be? The forerunners had what looked like plasma pistols and a new type of sword (I guess its really an old sword considering the time line). I wonder, since Halo 4 is without Covenant will this new sword replace the old one?

I believe the Forerunners kept copies of all of the galaxies different species (Like a Noah’s Ark) so its pretty likely that we could see many many different types of enemies. Sword/Pistol

They’re canon except One Odd Out and plausibly Cortana’s interpretation of Forerunners and their weapons and the events talled in Origins I & II.

Personally I didn’t like those weapons, I don’t know why, but maybe if they put them in Halo 4 I do, but how could Cortana know that Forerunners had that in the first place? She only has the data from Alpha Halo, High Charity (and maybe Gravemind) and that could be only a supposition of hers.