New stuff to hand out for Halo: Reach.

There should be a day for 343 Industries to hand out stuff like on Bungie Day. I was maybe thinking about black flaming helmets or the katana from Halo 3. Me and my friends have been thinking about this for a few months now and the only reason I’m doing this is because i missed the Eternal flaming helmet last year, i just think it would be cool. 343 can you please make these gifts for the players a reality. And my gamertag is JoHnNyWaFfLeS15.

I think 343 did something last December 9 on Twitter. Stay tuned for December 8 this year!

I believe on friday of this week, 343 will be giving codes out for Halo 4 themes for your Xbox.

Check out this link to the Halo Bulletin, about 3 or 4 paragraphs down and good luck =)

Welcome to Waypoint.


Black Flaming Helmet would be totally BA!!

No. If you were on when (<3) Bungie (<3) gave out blue flaming helmets, you had a chance.

I want Inclement Weather…