New stuff, New Halo

Hello everyone my name is lonewolfalpha03 have an idea that I had in mind for awhile, I don’t know if anybody had the same idea as me, but here are my ideas for the next halo 5 update or for halo 6.

Idea #1: Collaboration Pack
Okay since halo is known for collaborating ith other gaming developers, other games, etc. My idea is that since 343 and halo did other collabs in the past or currently, I was thinking that we have a little piece from the other games that halo collabbed with such as forza and rocket league. If we are going to get the req pack again in halo 6 I was thinking the collaboration pack containing one of each standard vehicles from forza and rocket league and or any other that halo collab with such as a standard weapon, vehilce , etc.