New String of Maps

Hey there, REACH players my gamertag is SabreVenomX and I am reaching out to the Halo Reach community, more specifically, the Invasion players.
For those of you who don’t know “Invasion” is a 6v6 game type found on matchmaking where there are 3 phases of objectives which are interchangeable via custom games if making your own game type. The Red Team are the UNSC Spartans while The Blue Team are the Covenant Elites. While in matchmaking the stereotype is that Elites attack and Spartans defend it can in fact go both ways. The latter is just more common.
More to the point, I have been making maps ever since I got this game and my craft has improved to the point where I have released the first installment of my string of invasion maps. Look on my File Share and download the game type and map I’m about to display
Game Type: Island Assault
Map: Island Stronghold
Summary: The UNSC needs to control an island close between the covenant and UNSC bases by first evacuating any useful data and sending the occupation force following their extraction. Elites must repel the assault as their stand on the war depends on it.
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