New StoryLine?

Whats going to be the new Storyline?!?!

In terms of what? Should ghis thread be moved?

You mean for Halo 6? Lol we don’t know. Either way though, a welcome to Waypoint is in order. Be more thorough with your topics in the future please.

Happy Haloing!

Welcome, and who knows. Cortana being a big bam as always!

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> Whats going to be the new Storyline?!?!

Well, even after all you did in Halo 5, you likely will be facing more Covenant in Halo 6. You see, a Zealot known as Sali 'Nyon had broken off from Jul 'Mdama’s fleet with a fleet of his own, and is now still out there. And as you saw in Halo 5, there are still remnants of 'Mdama’s faction that have no idea they lost the war.