New story?

I was thinking of making a story like The Survivours about a squad of Spartan IV’s crash landing on one of the undiscovered Halo rings, they are then tasked with establishing bases on the ring and eliminate any threats (Covenant, Prometheans, Flood) and in the end they escape the ring from the growing threats. Anyone can join in and give a brief explaination of their spartan, and anyone can choose to play as a different side to shed some light into the spartan’s enemies motives and what they will do, and just pointing it out there can be new weapons and vehicles and stuff.

Here is my Spartan (let me point out I am not using my real name)
Name: Zac “Zero” Williams S-941
Unit: Shadow
Armor: Locus Helmet with Vagabond Body that is painted all black
Weapons of Choice: DMR with Magnum sidearm

cough “What the hell just happened?! All the comms are dead and half the civilian crew on the ship are dead! Someone get me command!” Loading his DMR and Magnum Zero spots something moving in the shadows, “Everyone stay sharp, we are not alone” then one of the scientists had been impaled with a energy sword, Zero jumped at the threat that turned out to be a Elite Zealot and put 2 rounds into its head