New Stance?

I’ve seen a stance a few times recently that has your spartan looking up to his left and pushing outward. Just one game ago my own spartan had it, but the next game it didn’t.

Anyone know the details on this? Thanks.


There is also one where the spartan has his back turned towards the front. It’s probably either a glitch or a mod.

Think you might be talking about “Stand Off”

I think it is recruit. But it is a glitch when you exit the spartan armor customization menu to quickly. It freezes your guy in the position he was in when looking around.

It disappears after a few games, going through menus, etc.

I think I’ve seen that, like the recruit stance but slightly different.

I actually would like to see stances with each weapon held for Mastering that Weapon, like a pose with them. For vehicles, in the background of the spartan, but able to see it. Also for gernades too, different stances for Plasma, every time looking at somebody’s player card or w/e the spartan will click the plasma gernade or in general when matchmaking is loading. For the frag gernade, the spartan will be tossing it up and down. for the promethian (probably wrong spelling) gernade the spartan will be playing with it in his hand.

[I’m speaking freely, open minded, brainstorming ideas]

Oh my bad, I misread the Subject. Thought it was asking about new stance ideas.

This happens to me every time I turn on the game for the first time and stays like that until after playing a single game. Definitely a glitch.

Ya I’m pretty positive it’s a small glitch

This is what it looks like for those who haven’t seen:

ive seen another different one where its like the heroic stance but facing the other way… hmmm


Glitch. My friend says that sometimes he sees MY BACK as my stance when I use Recruit.