New Stance Ideas

Just had a sweet idea, if 343 decides to release any more DLC I have a suggestion for a new set of stances! Quite simply, one based on the cover of each Halo game! Here’s some ideas what to call them:

Halo Reach (Bases on Carter’s stance) “Noble”
Halo CE (Original): “Echoes”
Halo 2: “Duel”
Halo ODST: “Rookie”
Halo 3: “Demon”
Spartan Assault: “Strike”
Halo 4: “Reclaimer”

What do you think? :smiley:

Yes to all, but do a few tweaks so it’s not a direct copy :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if personal Stances return in Halo 5, these should show up there instead :slight_smile:

How about “the dual wield”.

The camera is positioned directly in front of your Spartan, slightly above him and to the right. Your Spartan has both arms fully extended in front of him each holding a magnum poised as if about to fire.