New stance floating around....

Okay, so during pregame lobby, I have seen a few players with a stance that I know is not among the 8 everyone sees in the stance section. To explain it, it looks like the recruit stance slightly to the left, while the spartan is looking up to the left. Kind of a mix between the Recruit and Heroic stance. I just want to know, has anyone else seen this stance? if so, how do I get it?

I’ve seen my pose do that. It’s just a weird thing the recruit stance does sometimes.

I think it’s a bug, since the stance basically looks like your spartan’s movements while in the armory.

Had this happen to me for a few games, then my toon went back to the standard Recruit stance it was set on. Seems to be a bug.

I believe its a “feature” of the recruit stance. Ive had it myself when I do top scores in slayer or get a good kill streak. You know like the fact that the recruit armor has unique skins from pre-order and such. The stance just has an extra feature imo.

I haven’t see that yet…

So identical to Recruit, but rotated?

I’ve seen a few screenshots of rotation bugs on player cards in the lobby. Just a small bug.

Seen it happen to my spartan on the “recruit stance” a bug probably.

ive seen it too

OH damn a new something for my barbie doll, I gotta get it!

Like mine?

must be a bug. My Spartan keeps glitching back to Recruit stance every now and then as well, sometimes ending up in the stance you describe OP.
Nothing serious I guess.

> OH damn a new something for my barbie doll, I gotta get it!

You must be on the wrong thread sir, It would be a new something for my spartan. If you’re looking for barbie, you’ve come to the wrong place.

hey is there any chance they can make this bug into an actual pose LOL can’t hurt to have more stances, just saying

It’s the recruit stance for sure. Go to selecting the stances and just keep it selected over recruit. If you watch the recruit stance, unlike the other stances has a unique animation where he looks to the right, and where he looks to the left ad leans in. I was hoping it had something to so with selecting it while the animation triggered. It jut seems that sometimes the player card chooses a screen shot of the stance in a different point in the animation. Unfortunately I cannot make it happen again. Hopefully someone figures it out. I like it.

i’ve had my breach stance rotated forward once