New Specialization Ideas: C.Q.B and ODST...

I thought it would be cool to add some new armors, emblems, and armor mods in some future DLC. While we’re at it, why not use it as an excuse to bring back some classic armors?

C.Q.B [CQ]
**- Spartan optimization for close-quarters engagements and melee combat.
<strong>- C.Q.B Emblem Set (CQ 1-5)</strong>
<strong>- C.Q.B Armor Set (CQ 2-4)</strong>
<strong>- C.Q.B PREDATOR Armor Skin (CQ 7-9)</strong>
<strong>- C.Q.B Silver/Yellow Visor (CQ-6)</strong>
<strong>- Storm Rifle BRUTE Skin (CQ-5)</strong>
<strong>- Mark VI Forearms PREDATOR Skin (CQ-7)</strong>
<strong>- Mark VI Legs PREDATOR Skin (CQ-7)</strong>
<strong>- COURIER Support Upgrade (CQ-10)</strong>
The PREDATOR skin for the C.Q.B armor is basically a jungle camo pattern similar to the one on the Pathfinders unique Assault Rifle, except it’s customizable. The Storm Rifle BRUTE is a blood-red version similar to the Brute Plasma Rifle.
The COURIER armor mod slightly reduces your shield recharge delay when carrying objectives such as the Oddball or Flag, as well as when defending objectives in Dominion or Extraction. It can be very effective when combined with the SHIELDING Tactical Package if you play a lot of objective.
<strong>ODST [DT]</strong>
- Spartan optimization for frontal assaults via orbital drop.
<strong>- ODST Emblem Set (DT 1-5)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Armor Set (DT 2-4)</strong>
<strong>- ODST FOREST Armor Skin (DT 7-9)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Silver/Black Visor (DT-6)</strong>
<strong>- DMR CRIMSON Skin (DT-5)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Forearms (DT-2)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Legs (DT-2)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Forearms FOREST Skin (DT-7)</strong>
<strong>- ODST Legs FOREST Skin (DT-7)</strong>
<strong>- FORTIFICATION Support Upgrade (DT-10)</strong>
Includes a full set of ODST armor, including Helmet, Torso, Shoulders, Forearms, and Legs. Also includes the DMR CRIMSON Skin; a DMR painted dark red with an Eyepatch (Rogue) emblem on the stock, inspired by a certain fireteam in Spartan Ops.
The FORTIFICATION armor mod allows you to extend your shields to improve the durability of vehicles, giving them an additional layer of defenses that reduces damage taken from small arms fire and grenades… It also reduces damage to the occupants of the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself. The mod applys whether you’re driving or manning the turret, but it does not stack if multiple players in the same vehicle are using it.
<strong>Mark V (Bonus Armor)</strong>
- Based on the Master Cheif’s armor from Halo:Anniversary, this armor unlocks once you’ve mastered every Specialization in the game, including C.Q.B and ODST. It includes a full set of armor (Helmet, Torso, Shoulders, Forearms, and Legs) plus the Noble Team emblem.
<strong>- Mark V Armor Set (SR-150)</strong>
<strong>- Noble Team Emblem (SR-150)</strong>
Like it? Hate it? Post your thoughts.

Don’t forget hybusa

Ps: hazop has the forest skin, change it now.

> Don’t forget hybusa
> Ps: hazop has the forest skin, change it now.

Oh know… I think I would very much like to forget it.

We already have Hayabusa in Halo 4. It’s called Wetwork. And they can’t bring back Hayabusa even if they wanted to, because of legal issues.

Well, it didn’t take long this to get buried under the usual complaint threads, so… bump.


Security? Pilot? Or c.q.c?

> Security? Pilot? Or c.q.c?

Security could work. But C.Q.B and C.Q.C are essentially the same thing, but C.Q.B is a later model. As for Pilot… well, we already have that one too. It’s called Operator. And also Aviator, though that armor is ugly as heck…

I’m thinking about making idea videos or something like that for Halo 4 DLC, Halo 5, and Halo 6 and I would like to use this in one of them if you don’t mind.

I was actually going to make a thread about how they could add more specializations and with that new armor, skins, and emblems but instead of just leveling up it was more so like a Battlefield 3 Assignment type thing where you have to complete certain challenges. But I think I like the leveling thing better as long as they could add more gametypes and commendations with it so I don’t get bored ranking up that much with nothing but new maps to play with.

Brute skin for the storm rifle?


I want a specialisation that increase the Hardlight Shield size and allow (slow) shield regeneration while using it.

I like the Courier idea.

This idea is amazing, I would absolutely love to see it come to fruition. Having my CQB helmet once again would make life amazing, no doubts about it. And combine that with Mark V chest? I’m down!

Security = operator… How does no one see this?

343 take notes, this guy is a genius!

I think for a dlc, we need a all out specialization. It could be called, elite, chief, commander, ect. Not sure what armour… or anything else. But it would be a very long hard grind myabe 50 lvls of goodies… but it will take maybe 100-200k to level up, if not more.

I do like your ideas though. They are obviously well thought out, but if we continue on the 10 rqnks specialization, I think we’ll need a batch of about 8.

This is one of the best ideas to come out of the community in a long time. By doing this, they could extend the game’s lifetime, get rid of all the complaining about the 130 peak, bring back classic armour and add new content.

A few of the top of my head are:

Military Police
Mark V
Some based on various Mark IV designs

They could also make ones that look similar to the old variants of still existent armour, such as Rogue from Halo 3.

2 issues about this

I have been told that such a thing isn’t possible in halo games (to add new armor variants and weapons) solely because of the way the games are coded; some how adding maps is an exception this however.

Another issue is that as someone else stated about adding in security armor; I’m not sure if 343 will be allowed to do this considering the ‘security’ armor was a Bungie thing and kind of a an easteregg from an old game they made in the mid-90s (Marathon)

I heard they had the code made to add new armor in both 3 and reach but they never put it in. And I heard 4 is in reach’s engine. So I hope they did add it…

> > Security? Pilot? Or c.q.c?
> Security could work. But C.Q.B and C.Q.C are essentially the same thing, but C.Q.B is a later model. As for Pilot… well, we already have that one too. It’s called Operator. And also Aviator, though that armor is ugly as heck…

Can I post the unlocks and the rest for security?

We need less things relating to Gameplay (Shields) and more things relating to playing clever.

For ODST, why not select where you spawn next through the use of UP on the D-Pad? Do it while standing on where you want to spawn. Tadah.

While this is a good idea…

I suggest that we wait till the whole Spec E-mail debacle is resolved before talking about new Specs…

Plus like one of the bumps said, complaint threads are running rampant right now…