New Spartan on board looking for fellow mates


I’m new to Xbox, finally bought it since I couldn’t resist Halo 4… I just couldn’t.
Have been playing on PC for a looong time. Since a longer time Mass Effect 3 MP only.
Since I just moved to Xbox, I look for some people to play with, it doesn’t matter which country or which gender.
I’m female game, 21, from middle Europe, but I play at all times since my job is very flexible. I’m friendly and I love playing with team, I’ll try to help you always if you need it, and I’ll be there. I like teamwork in co-op games, I don’t troll [too often ;)] or try to -Yoink- you.
For now I’ll play Halo 4 [and occasionally other Halos] but I plan to also buy Mass Effect 3 for Multiplayer… and if I’ll discover any other nice Multiplayer games, I’d love to play with you!

Gamertag is: StrayPaladinN7

Would love to have some mates. :wink: For next few days I won’t talk through mic, since I didn’t buy it yet. Will order it propably today online so it will take few days to arrive… but I’m mostly very talkative.