New Spartan. Looking for Matchmaking

Hi Everyone. I’m BootlegBee5336. Looking for some multiplayer action. Please add me to your friend list. I play in Baltimore, MD.

I plat SWAT mostly. I don’t belong to a clan . My only requirement is that you have a mic and are not super obnoxious . Send me a requset and I will introduce to all my friends . Having people to play Halo with is what makes it such a good game . I am always happy to help out .

Is this for friends or do you want a clan?

I had never heard of a clan until today. I guess it’s a little more formal than just playing with friends? If so, that sounds like fun. Which clans do you recommend? Is there a list somewhere with their overall characteristics?

My first time through Reach was set on Legendary, and I’m planning to go back and turn some skulls on. Maybe even set it to Heroic. I’d sure like to see if I can keep up with real people, though, rather than just AI.


Hey, do you want to join my clan? My clan’s name is Rising Phoenix. We make sure we treat our clan members with respect. We have training matches, like having clan battles and having fun. We are a professional clan with four years experience. We also have a organized military ranking system. There are four ranks which are Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and last but not least General. Every new clan member has to go through a tryout to see if you are a good fit our clan and if we are a good fit for you. My gamer tag is YouxxGotxxOwned For more info go to my clan website at (don’t add the www). If you want to join my clan send myself or my co-leader xxMYSTIK MONKEY a friend request stating that you want to join. Thanks

If you’re looking for some action, I could help you out. =) I am looking for some more people to game with.

I’m looking for people to game with on Halo to mate if you want to send us a friend request on XBL, I’m in the UK