New Spartan Company recuiting

Me and my friends has created a Spartan company together. I’m looking for members willing to join. We literally play everything, hardcore competitive, warzone, and fun custom games. If you’re willing to play one of these with us or any other game, request to join Th3 Str3am.

Sent you an invite, but also wanted to reply here. Instead of starting from scratch would you be interested in joining our company to work towards Achilles together? We’re on a TON and just started actively recruiting so should be able to get the armor within a month or so.

If you’d rather join a company that’s a little further along AND part of a gaming community, try out Heavenly Sword! Apply to Heavenly Sword II, Heavenly Sword III, or Heavenly Sword IV! And check out our website at We’d love to have you!