New social slayer terrible

Just tried the new playlist and just like the other guys thread that they closed, he was absolutely right. You just get stomped by high level players. If they think this is the way to introduce new people to the game they are dead wrong. If anyone tries this for the first time they will never play halo again unless they have some weird -Yoink!- that they like getting stomped. Guess it makes you feel great beating players that are no where near your level. Hey lets go play tackle football with some 3rd graders. I bet we will win big.
One more thing. I never thought I’d make a negative post like this. I love this game but there is a huge range of skills in this game and matches need to be fair to be fun.

Yeah I laughed when I saw that this was their idea for new players. Knew it would be a stompfest playlist for higher level players. If they want to help new players they need to design and make tutorial programs for them. Not advertise a playlist where “new” players will be…SHM. also no I have not played the playlist nor will I play it.

If a thread gets closed, it’s closed for a reason. Please don’t make threads on the same subject if you already know the last one was closed