New Sniper Rifle Gameplay

We finally get to see a first person view of the sniper, this site has the video and screenshots. Sniper is at 9:18

Looks kind of goofy, what do you think?

that looks awful…

Lol, I’m watching it right now, and the Hardlight shield is looking great! I hope its awesome to the end, and wont be that overused! When that guy got assassinated out of nowhere, almost spat up my drink.
Vids almost over, havent reached the sniper yet. Gotta pause and do laundry atm…brb

Here is a video of just the sniper footage. I’m not really a fan of the look or the sound.

Can’t say I’m a fan of that sniper rifle. The scope just looks weird being a box style.

I prefer the Reach or Halo 3 style, that box but circular still and less chunky to not block so much of the right hand player view.

Looks kinda weird, but we’ll probably get used to it like everything else (if it doesn’t change, that is).

Do we really need videos and threads on the Sniper Rifle? I highly doubt the weapon has changed much, if at all…

When does he get it? Im not gonna sit through 10 minutes of crappy game play so i can see it.

Shoots to slow…

Reticle design is distracting…

They need to make it like H1 or H3 sniper honestly everyone loved those snipers.

I dont think 343 understands that the sniper in Halo has traditionally been the “Big play weapon” were not playing Rainbow Six here we dont need a tactical sniper rifle.

And seriously what is up with all the extra designs around the reticles no multiplayer game has weapon reticles like that for a reason…They mess with you’re sight lines and aim.

Did Tony Stark manufacture that sniper rifile in a cave while being held hostage? That thing is Fugly

I thought it was pretty awesome…

That was… interesting.

> that looks awful…

Holy -Yoink-, what is all that in the 2x scope? It’s cluttered as hell.

> > that looks awful…
> Holy Yoink!, what is all that in the 2x scope? It’s cluttered as hell.

Yeah I didn’t like the inner black circle, it distracts the eye from the actual blue aiming reticle too much.

It is absolutely awful.

  • Shoots way too slowly
  • Reticule is overdone and just distracting
  • It is impossible to see an enemy to the right of your reticule when not scoped in
  • It just doesn’t look good

Cmon 343

The Sniper doesn’t seem to be a one shot weapon.
I also really like the Sniper Rifle.

It’s terrible. Sorry but it is.

It sounds bad. Sounds NOTHING like the Sniper Rifle of the first three games. It looks bizarre in the HUD when it’s no scoped. It’s too large, and looks awkward. Then there’s the 2x scope… Ugh.

One of Halo’s most iconic weapons, totally butchered.

I’m sorry, but that’s just plain ugly. And those two quarter circles around the middle look a little distracting. Take those out, change the look to something a little more Halo, and you’ll have a winner.

What the Halo sniper Should be like:

H1 Sniper

H3 Sniper

The H4 sniper is not a Halo sniper atm it looks like it belongs in a Rainbow Six game.

Thanks for posting this.

Man, it’s not a cute, sleek, weapon by any means. And the sound seems really watered down. The sound of a sniper report on any map commanded notice. I’m not sure this cuts it. And BestMan really didn’t seem to score a single hit, much less a headshot.

I think a little more work needs to be done