New Slayer Variant: PROmethean Slayer.

Here’s a gametype i’ve made but have yet to test it and i do hope i get to do it one day its called PROmethean Slayer. Yeah if you notice how i typed typed the first three letters in CAPS then you could tell this is supposed to be a Hardcore gametype. And when i say hardcore i course it means its hard. The rules are you have no shields and your only weapons is a hole arsenal of Promethean Weapons to use. Here’s the loadouts for this gamemode.

Loadout 1#
Primary: Light Rifle.
Armor Ability: Hologram
Tactical Package: Resupply
Support Upgrade: Awareness

Loadout 2#
Primary: Suppressor
Armor Ability: Promethean Vision
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Explosives

Loadout 3#
Primary: Scattershot
Armor Ability: Hardlight Shield
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Dexterity

Loadout 4#
Primary: Binary Rifle
Armor Ability: Promethean Vision
Tactical Package: AA Efficiency
Support Upgrade: Ammo

Loadout 5#
Primary: Incineration Cannon
Armor Ability: Thruster Pack.
Tactical Package: Resupply
Support Upgrade: Ammo

Secondary Weapon For All loadouts: Boltshot.
Grenade Type for All Loadouts: Pulse Grenade.

Tips for Each Weapon in this Gametype.

Light Rifle
This is All-Round weapon that anyone can get used to using and is good for any range. If you Play Swat you know the deal with this weapon just one shot to the head and they’re dead.

The main rapid fire weapon of this gametype its said to be deadly at close range and without shields its even deadlier then before just pop a few shots at your enemy and he’ll dead in less a second.

The Shotgun weapon of this mode. May not be the best weapon to use in this mode but since there’s no shields it should be strong enough to deal with enemies easily if you know how to use it you’ll be alright.

Binary Rifle
The Sniper weapon of this Gametype. This weapon is excellent to take out players in one hit esspecailly at long range but the drawbacks are is teh Binary Rifle doesn’t carry much ammo and it displays a laser sight when you’re zoomed in so use this weapon wisely.

Incineration Cannon
Yep you could even have the option to start with what is possibly one of the most Powerful weapons in this game. Although compared to how you could use the other weapons in this gametype…The Incineration Cannon may not always be the best choice this weapon may be as balanced as the others. Anyways it just takes one shot to kill your enemies and can be good to take more then one enemy in just one shot. However its slow projectile shoot could allow your enemies to dodge it. You must reload for every shot you fired. And if you used it too choose to the enemy you’ll end up killing yourself so do be careful when using this weapon.

The Main secondary weapon of this gametype. Even though the main strength of the weapon is the shotgun charge shot perhaps shooting just one single shot to the head would be a better option. This weapon can be handy if you want to preserve ammo for your primary weapon or if you like to take advantage of its fast semi-auto firing rate.

So yeah that’s the basis of my gametype and i do hope to test it one day and hope its good enough to maybe perhaps be in Matchmaking. But what do you think of it. Leave a comment below.

The Lightrifle would dominate everything because it’s a one hit kill at all ranges with a decent firing rate and clipsize. Literally no downsides, anything else would be useless.

Did Prometheans ever used thruster pack?

Camps with Binary Rifle

What would be the incentive to pick any of the loadouts besides the last two?

> What would be the incentive to pick any of the loadouts besides the last two?

No shields, which means everything is either an instant kill or an extremely fast kill.

The Incineration Cannon and Lightrifle would both kill in one hit, but the LR would have more range.

The Binary Rifle and LR would kill in one hit, but the Binary would have slow reload and firing rate.

The LR kills instantly, the Suppressor doesn’t.

The Boltshot and LR kill instantly, but the boltshot has small range. Same with Scattershot.

There is literally no reason to pick anything but the Lightrifle loadout.

^ I see. You are correct. My poor reading comprehension has triumphed again.