New skulls YOU would add

As title suggests, if you could make NEW skulls what would their effects be?

Sharpened - Weapon damage is increased dramatically. One thing that the books and live action Halo gets across is how powerful the weapons are, and obviously for gameplay reasons they cant be, but I’d love the option to have to play tactically. Just once I want to be like the books and “unleash a spray of Assault Rifle bullets which tore at the Elite’s shields and left in a pool of blood on the ground” Or popping a grunt with a few bullets. And obviously the enemy weapons would be just as powerful.

Choppah - All enemies are cloaked all the time Bonus points for getting the Predator reference. Just another one to make it more difficult.

Meat - Just another one for the grinder - Your strength is reduced to an ordinary Marine and AI have the strength of Spartans. Again, another one to make it more difficult.

Boombox - Cool guys walk away from explosions - Enemies can no longer be damaged directly, however splash damage is tripled, and possible vice versa? (probably best to use with catch and Cowbell as well)

Roulette: anytime you pick up a weapon the game gives it the properties of another random weapon ( i.e pick up AR shoots fuel rods or pick up pistol shoots storm rounds)

Ninja: must assassinate enemies to kill them

Savior: friendly AI death causes you to die

BTDBMOTF: (but the dog beat me over the fence) causes enemies to reverse roles (i.e eites act like jackles or grunts and are cannon fodder… Grunts rise up as fearless leaders with Shields ex)

Cannon Fodder- You become Grunt size

F-roam - Enables you to free roam the whole map (level) without any boundaries killzones to find easter eggs, scarab gun etc.

Achievements will be disabled tho.

Sloth - Movement and melee speed decreased.
Heresy - Can only use human weapons.
Brotherhood - Any damage done to allies is reflected onto yourself.
Hardhat - All enemies immune to headshots.
Rage - Increases the rate at which Elites berserk, Grunts kamikaze, etc.
Mercenary - You cannot reload or pick up ammo, but killing enemies adds ammunition.
Handicap - Cannot use grenades.
Sickness - You have no health, only shields.

Gruntpocolpyse - kill one grunt, 5 more appear, works on first grunt only

Explosivo Sacrifice - When killed a bomb with a 10 - 15 radius obliterates everything giving you 1 or 2 kills from the grave and potentially giving a revenge kill

I’d like to see the return of CE Anniversary exclusive Bandanna skull, only make it MUCH harder to get to, CE:A’s was far too easy.

That’s about all I think… I’ll repost if I think of any others :smiley:

Dunkin’ Donuts - All enemies T-bag your dead corpse.

Best I could think of in my deranged over-tired state atm lol. Coffee time.

Promethean Birthday Party - Enemies disintegrate as confetti

Universal Language - makes all dialog for aliens and forerunners English (or your choice of language)

-Yoink!- my chief - makes master chief resemble your multiplayer spartan.

Back with a bang - turns chiefs dialog into SRG. Johnson’s voice

-Flood Skull: ROAR!
Killing an enemy causes them to become infected and fight for you.
(Only ten can follow you at one time though, don’t want some sort of lag army now do we? :P)

-Ninja Skull: Swish!
When you kill an enemy with a melee attack, you become invisible for 5 seconds.
(Firing weapons, throwing grenades, using armor abilities and meleeing do not cause you to become visible, unlike Active Camo Armor Abilities or Powerups.)

-Crafty Skull: It’s dangerous at night!
All NPC’s and Character’s heads/helmets, weapons and grenades are replaced with a Minecraft version. HUD also becomes noticeably different. Grenades and Weapons are shown in a row of boxes down the bottom of the screen, Health and Armor Ability meter are shown just above them.
(This one would be funny in cut-scenes, especially on an emotionally unstable Cortana.)

> Dunkin’ Donuts - All enemies T-bag your dead corpse.
> Best I could think of in my deranged over-tired state atm lol. Coffee time.

what other kind of corpse is there?

double tap maybe. where each shot cost 2 ammunition.

i cant think of a good name but what about one that disabled vehicular use.(assuming they arent essential)

Synergy - Those days when one layer of armour isn’t enough

All enemies spawn with overshields.


Paintball - Let’s brighten things up.

  • When an enemy is hit with a weapon, every blood-spray and corresponding blood stain is a random color.

Mower - Cut 'em down to size.

  • Enemies produce three times the normal amount of blood spray, and blood stains are three times as large as normal. In addition, enemies have extended death sequences and death-screams.

Sideshow - Step right up…

  • Elites are the size of Jackals, Jackals are the size of Grunts, and Grunts are the size of Elites. Other traits are left unaffected.


Plated - Tougher tanks and tougher armies.

  • Enemy vehicles are nearly immune to small arms fire, (AR, BR, DMR, etc.), and can only effectively be destroyed through jacking or heavy ordinance. In addition, Enemy vehicles are immune to any kind of EMP.

Fatigue - Don’t forget to stretch.

  • Your shields randomly, but periodically drain down to empty, before recharging. Note, the recharge rate is left unaffected.

Hammerhead - Coming in fast and low.

  • Enemies rapidly close distance between you, favoring CQC over long range. Melee-capable enemies will attempt to melee you significantly more often.

Cycle - See you, Space Rifle.

  • Dropping a weapon will cause it to disappear, never to be picked up again.

Crosshair - Duck.

  • Enemy accuracy, especially at range, is significantly improved, and enemy fire rate is increased.

Seek - Try and avoid the Great Green Glob.

  • Jackals and Grunts will use the Plasma Pistol’s overcharge almost exclusively, and the homing capacity is improved significantly, for enemies.

Swarm - Strength in numbers.

  • Enemy squads possess twice as many minor enemies, (Grunts or Crawlers), than there would normally be.

Rampart - How are those Covenant field upgrades working out?

  • Unshielded enemies get energy shielding, with shield-strength based on enemy type, (Jackal shielding is better than Grunt major shielding, is better than Grunt minor shielding, etc.). Shielded opponents get an overshield, with overshield strength based on enemy type.

Fragile - Glass: Not an effective energy barrier.

  • Your shields go down to zero with a single hit, regardless of weapon-type. Note, if you have an overshield from Black-Eye, only one layer of shielding is removed per shot sustained.

May come up with more later, if this thread survives.

Gold skulls have always proven to be less interesting to me, especially when they don’t contribute to enemy intelligence and have unwanted side effects.

Armory skull is a good example of an AI modifier. With Mythic, marines could be extremely decent on Legendary. Tough Luck is just the opposite. It’s redundant. The AI should be evasive by default.

Silver skulls:

Phantom: enhanced active camo

Erosion: flesh wounds on shielded enemies slowly take their toll

Legacy: more ammo in ally’s dropped weapons

> Heresy - Can only use human weapons.
> Handicap - Cannot use grenades.

Waste of a skull slot when you can easily set these limits on yourself. We do not need another skull like Foreign. That was horribly redundant and decreased replay value (CE’s not nearly as interesting without the highly versatile, jack of the trade Covie weapons).