New Skulls, Armor Effects, Armor, and Firefight voices please

One thing that I was really disappointed about in Halo: Reach was the lack of new skulls. As far as I can tell, they’re all exactly the ones from Halo 3.
I miss the days of my youth in which I could input a big head cheat code.
In Halo 4, I would like to see more Silver Skulls that add more fun to the game. Maybe some to where you can choose what weapons your enemies have. Or switch roles. For example, have it to where Elites are replaced by Grunts and visa versa. The Elites would act and sound like Grunts too. So if you kill the Grunt leader, all the Elites run away.
Or just some skulls that would act as a Big head mode, or invincibility/all weapons/etc.
All the shape of the skulls could use a nice change. I honestly would love to go look around some maps for special Elite skulls.

I was also disappointed on the lack of armor effects. There’s only 6 total, 2 of which are practically the same. Here are some armor effects I would have loved to see:
More various flame colors
Bubbles (like the Scarab skull from Halo Wars)
Musical Notes
Different Shield Colors

Also since there have been many armor variants that have been in the Halo series, I don’t see why it wouldn’t to be possible to put them all into Halo 4.
Here are all the armors I would love to see:
Mark IV (Cole Protocol) (Though I do believe the chest is already in Reach.)
The Package Mark IV
Original Mark IV blueprint (from Halsey’s Journal)
Mark IV Limited Production Model (Halo Wars, Legends, etc.)
Cut Mark IV from Halo Wars reveal trailer
All armor from Halo 3
All armor from Halo Reach
All armor from Halo 3: ODST
Elite Honor Guard
Arbiter (all variants)
Noble Team’s unique armor

I was also a bit disappointed with the lack of interesting firefight voices in Reach. Honestly I don’t care much for Noble Team. Johnson, Cortana, and John are the only ones that are interesting to listen to.
Since Johnson isn’t even in the campaign, I figured they would put in Guilty Spark.
In Halo 4 I’d like to see these Firefight Voices:
343 Guilty Spark
Prophet of Truth.

Red vs. Blue firefight voices too please, that would be epic. I want mine to be Michael J. Caboose.

These things dont make Halo “Halo”. they are things that were never needed but are in there for personal enjoyment. Instead of enjoying them like everyone else you complain about the lack of these things… sad.

I’m not complaining. I’m just disappointed on Bungie’s lack of input to these certain fields of the game.

You might find the ideas posted in this thread interesting.