New Skull for Halo 3

How about a new skull for Halo 3 campaign?

It is a non-scoring skull called Mute Skull.

It turns off the Cortana and Gravemind ‘interruptions’ that happen during the campaign levels. The interruptions are fine if you’re playing for story, but when you’re playing for gameplay they get in the way.

Also the interruptions are fine two or three playthroughs in, but when you get to your tenth time through the game they basically become intrusive, disruptive, and pretentious time wasters.

Anyway I’m always having a good time playing through the levels and then one of these interruptions pops up and I’m like, ‘Oh no, please be over already!’ Fun meter diminishing! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, just an idea. It may be that they are so integrated into the fabric of the level design it may break too much stuff.


I would appreciate a skull for this. Make it easier to complete H3 missions for the weekly.

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That would also be great for speedrunning halo 3.

On the topic of introducing new skulls to halo 3, I think it would be neat, if at all possible, the halo 2 skulls could be brought over into halo 3.

I think having it as an option that unlocks after you beat Halo 3 once is also good because I am wondering what the score multiplier would be.

I would love this! I despise those sections that slow to a crawl. In my opinion it’s the only thing Bungie got so wrong with Halo 3.

I’m fine if it just turns off the cortana ones since the gravemind is at least implied to be talking through the biomass rather than just being annoying hallucinations