New Skins in Halo 3 crash most xboxes

They crashed the game on my X One and they crash on my Series S as well. MCC needs revenue but if anyone hasn’t brought this up, it needs to be very clear about this to anyone buying, or even attempting to use them. I’m sorry to anyone who has said this already, because it has been a known issue for awhile, I’m sure you understand my frustrations. I personally enjoy the colored visors the most, and wish I could see them without fearing the next game crash…


This is a very good point. 343 should invest its time into fixing this issue rather than adding micro transactions into the game that no one asked for. If they gonna sell these damn points to buy this gear, people gonna get pissed off when all it does is crash their Xboxs.


It’s been said before and yeah it’s pretty annoying. It seems to just be the H3 skins as well. I have tested it as whenever I play H3 with skins on I experience random crashes. Granted they aren’t to often but it’s enough for me to keep H3 skins off, especially when going for challenges. I tried to see if it was any particular ones or maps but it certainly seems just random. Hopefully 343 is looking into this issue but who knows.

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oh! you silly ‘gamer’. you see, the higherups asked for an new lambo, meaning they asked for more money, thusly more microtransactions. they didn’t inform any of us because they don’t listen to the people below them, just the yes-men that reward them. so, yes, people did technically ask for these microtransactions… /?

I replaced the internal storage (from HDD to SSD) and the thermal paste of my old Xbox One, and haven’t experienced a lot of crashes with skins on (It’s been 1 month and my console has crashed only once). That was just a experiment since I usually play on my PC with almost no crashes at all (but in the last month this was the exception as I’ve been testing the console)

So, it seems cleaning, upgrading and replacing fixed the issue. And I think it will be a hard task if 343 decides to make improvements for consoles with somewhat limited resources (including the Series S).

“Turning players into payers”