New Sign-in Detected?

Hi, so I keep getting an email from the “Microsoft account team” saying that I signed in with my Microsoft account [insert email] and then it mentions the details of it like the country, IP, and where it happened. On all of them, it says that it’s here on Waypoint and I’m pretty sure that it’s me just based on the login times. There is an opt out option which takes me to a menu that wants me to put in my password for safety measures, but I’m hesitant to do so in case it’s a fake page. I was just wondering if this is an actual legit Microsoft email or not cause it does look legit and I do want to opt out so I can stop getting these emails. Thanks for any info.

Edit: Disregard. I went to Microsoft’s site directly and found that it’s a feature they added so it was a legit email.

Glad to see you got it sorted. If you still need help with this, send me a PM and I can unlock :slight_smile: