New Set of Halo Achievements vs Old Ones My Dilema

Greetings this is Mista Cassla,

I’m going to talk/rant about something that has bothered me for a while about the Master Chief Collection since being released back in November of last year and I’m probably not the first person to complain about this.

WHY DIDN’T THEY CONVERT ALL THE PRIOR ACHIEVEMENTS OVER FROM HALO 3, AND HALO 4 to the Master Chief Collection!?!?!?! Back before Halo 4 even came out there was like already over 300 achievements and I was only missing ONE achievement for ALL the halo games and that was to get 1 MILLION points from multiplayer play on Halo Wars. If any of you are familiar with Halo Wars you would know that achievement takes limited amounts of dedication and time. But since they released this collection back in November its like getting all the Achievements All Over Again!!! Lol I’m sure I’ll get around to it soon but not gonna lie its kind of lame when I just made an Username on this Forum and it shows like I’ve barely any games to really show my worth when I’ve puts TONS of hours into the series before the MCC came out lol. Just a minor complaint but I’ll just have to get over it!

I’m doing Walkthroughs/Playthroughs of all of the Halo Campaigns on Legendary with Commentary with 1080p 60fps on my YouTube Channel at this link if that interests Any of You at All which I’ve completed Halo 2 Anniversary and starting posting Halo 1 gameplay. So MAYBE once I get my way up to Halo 4 and that completed here in a few months or weeks I will have the majority of the achievements completed again besides online UGGGGHHHHHH…I know they just wanted to give people the opportunity to get the achievements that haven’t really played some of the Halo Titles on MCC but -Yoink- they should of transferred them anyways lol. Like my Halo Waypoint is stacked but on here I’m just a lowly recruit :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok lets go though a few points here

  1. Your rank here is dictacted by posts. No matter what you do. So everyone starts off as a Recruit here. ^^

  2. A lot of the achievements were outdated. Or just plain horrible to get. Mainly Halo 3’s. Where one achievement had you need to get a double kill with a Spartan Laser on a specific playlist(one of which doesnt exist on the MCC)

  3. Cause the game was more natively a Xbox One game. New achievements had to be created.

  4. Advanced Knowledge on the Halo games led to some new achievements to be added. Such as easter egg ones.

Plus many more reasons to start anew with the achievements. As annoying as it is. Its for the best.

Thanks this information was actually surprisingly helpful CIA391!!! :smiley: Its just kind of a bummer because those achievements took a VERY LONG time just like the double laser and it was game type specific to make things even worse. Anyways maybe it is for the best thanks again!

~Mista Cassla