New server for Halo 5 on PC

Got a Discord server for anyone to join and find a group to play with.
I also show you how to install it.

Discord server Is brand new and called “Halo 5 PC”
If interested text me on my email here:

V Also here’s a link that will expire soon: V

halo 5 on PC, how? …

Honestly while I wasn’t really a big fan of halo 5 the game does deserve 1 lat update like adding the slip space engine to it adding 4 player split screen for support for 4k 120 with hdr or at least 4k 60 with hdr. Maybe add the halo reach style customization system to it. And support for cross play with pc and a proper pc build

Was wondering the same thing…?

cc @whorigin

There is an official version of Halo 5 on PC. It’s called “Halo 5: Forge” and it came out in 2016. This could be what he’s referring to:

It is an extremely slimmed down version of Halo 5 and not a full port. It is just Forge, Custom Games, and the Customs Browser. No campaign, no crossplay, no matchmaking, no warzone, no customization, although it is free to play.

The game wasn’t very popular and pretty much died within the first 1-2 years of its existence. I don’t think very many people play it today.

ah-ha. sounds cool but i won’t dive into it.

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No, god no. The Slipspace Engine sucks. What they SHOULD do is upgrade the customization options, add the cutting room floor req variants, and stabilize the game then that’s it. Also fix custom infection.

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It’s a lot better then the heavily modified halo 3 engine they are using

No, no it is not. Slipspace Engine is the worst Halo engine to date, bar none. Halo 5 has what 1 or two things that can cause a crash? Halo Infinite barely functions.

I’d rather 343 work on stabilizing the existing H5 engine than replacing it with an inferior one.