New Season - New Map

I would just like to float the idea that with each new season of Halo Infinite, there should be at least ONE new map added to the current rotation. I would hate to see Infinite plateau as fast as H5 did, seeing as in H5 we played the same eight maps for six years. If you look at every other successful FTP game out there, with each new season there are map changes that keep the players involved, engaged, and excited to return.

Obviously one new map every three months (new season) is an extremely low bar but it seems to be “realistic”.
I think adding three new maps related to the season being released would be amazing. For instance Season 1 - Heroes of Reach could’ve had Sword Base, Powerhouse, and Spire.

Each season being named and themed is a great opportunity to tie in new maps related to the overall title of that specific season.


Not a bad idea, but that’s be 4 new maps a year. Hmm… I feel like Halo could do more than that what with its back catalogue.

I’m a quality over quantity kinda guy. If all the maps they add to 4v4 are like Launch Site no thanks.

BTB needs like 2 or 3 great maps and I’ll be content. 4v4 needs a really good Slayer/CTF symmetrical type of map I feel.

What is the point of a map? What purpose does it serve? Now if we’re talking Forge variety is most important, but for typical 4v4/BTB gameplay I think sticking to high quality map design is paramount.

Let’s face it, once we get Forge we’ll have unlimited maps. 343 could even implement them into the multiplayer like they and Bungie had done previously.

If it takes them six months to get a new map out… yikes… game will be dead for sure.

We won’t get forge until next fall, almost a year after release. Current player count trajectory says that the game might be basically dead by then if 343 can’t improve things.

It’ll likely spike when Forge comes out. Same thing happened with 5 except the majority of people like the core of Infinite. And we don’t really have a player count apart from Steam and most people will be playing through Gamepass, Microsoft store or Xbox.

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Weren’t there usually 2 to 3 maps in Halo 5? I think Warzone maps were a little rarer but usually each update added a handful of arena maps.

I think it’s tragic they didn’t have custom browser and forge at launch for Halo 5 and it’s exactly the same with Halo Infinite. There’s no point having amazing features to let the community go wild come out months past the games release. The difference would be that the game is free to play so, you could push it as almost a second release once Forge comes out. But still, first impressions matter.

Yes, but spiking from 10k to 20k players doesn’t really matter if they don’t find a way to stabilize their current situation and let it get down that low. They’ve already bled out 75% of their users on PC. Might not be as dramatic on console but still probably over half.

I doubt it is that much but all we can do is speculate. It will drop until it hits a rather stable point, every game does.

Or, they can start acting like a AAA gaming company and give us a complete game instead of this Beta.

No, this is not what successful F2P games do. Plenty of examples of F2P done right, and none of them drop 75% of their players in six weeks.

I highly doubt it’s dropped by that much. Maybe on Steam, but in total? Naah~

It’s down 75% on steam. I also doubt it’s dropped by that much on console, but my guess is it’s dropped dramatically. Steam’s sample size is just too large for it to be wildly off. My guess is it’s down at least 50% overall.