New sauce in bulletin


New screens of Meltdown other goodies! Official word on the skulls too.

Meltdown is such an incredible map. It just looks perfect and I’m impressed they were able to capture the Halo CE vibe with the map.

Finally something that isn’t complaining about how “inadequate” the LE is.

Slightly dissapointed by bulletin I kinda hyped it up in my mind since it took so long to come out… figured it would show a new reveal or something… oh wells :slight_smile:

While I thank bsAngel for her time I think overall these bulletins could have been put to better use.

We have an entire video for Meltdown and we had the Mantis trailer but we know nothing about rank, assault, extraction, LE clear up etc.

Would it hurt to just reply to some forums threads even to clear a few things up before launch?

Great. Now let’s get down to the real question…

What is “classified.png”??? O.o

Update and bump: While I’m happy for the Mantis, I kinda wanted the Yggdrasil armor from Halo Legends.

Skulls: Happy and disappointed. Disappointed there’s no skull hunting. And disappointed because it’s the same old fair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Incorporate the Mythic Skulls from H3.