New Rising Clan Looking for members

We are known as The Divine Republic. We are currently a small group of players looking for recruits and getting our name into the clan community. We areally currently in a war with a clan known as NH or the Night Hawks. We have a council of 5 leaders in order to distribute power. Our ranks are based off of those of the Roman Army. Being Roman based also opens a new door for our clan maps. We are using that Ancient Greek/Roman architecture. If anyone is interested or would like to learn more. Ask anything here or send me a message on xbox live. Thank you for your time.

Hello there. I myself am currently starting up a clan on Halo 5 and i would be interested in becoming allied with your clan in order to help each other. If you are interested, please contact me asap, as i am currently organizing another meeting with another clan for an alliance-ship.

Hey if you guys wanna ally with 17 ab that’s cool message me to set up diplomatic ties