NEW REQ Problems in Warzone

Hello fellow Spartans.

I’d like to start off by saying that I know this issue is years old by now but I really needs addressing again because it’s game breaking and takes the fun right out of Warzone not to mention a complete waste of time in Firefight.

I’ve spent my weekend enjoying some halo and I have encountered the problem of REQs not working in Warzone and Warzone firefight but over this weekend a good 25%-40% of my games have had REQ problems (A hell of a lot more than since I started playing a few weeks ago)
A few things that I have observed which I had not noticed before.

  • I know its not my connection because 90% of the time it has affected every person in my game every time, I am also on a wired 200mb connection that has been stable all weekend. - In one of my games where everyone could not purchase REQs I was suddenly able to buy them straight after swapping my magnum for a suppressor that a soldier dropped and then switching the same weapon back straight after, this also seemed to work for the others in my game, as the game went on there were more people using REQs but only after around middle of the game and after PVE objectives. - One of my games where no one could use REQs and the weapon switch would not work suddenly I noticed someone zooming around in a Phaeton absolutely stomping everyone, a few minutes later I reached REQ level 9 and was suddenly able to use all my REQs without problems while no one else could, tOnce everyone else in the game got to REQ level 9 (I assume they were lvl 9 it was very late in the game), in the last 100 or so points everyone had weapons and vehicles. (To me this suggests that this problem is not a server problem but in fact a bug that can be fixed.) - It seems to occur more in Warzone Firefight than standard Warzone. - I have been encountering this bug more while on Focused match making over the weekend but have also been getting it on Balanced and Extended. - One of my games I could use vehicles but no weapons - One of my games some people could use all their REQs and some people could only use certain REQs (could use a needler but not a carbine etc) - It has been happening at all hours of the day, not just at peek times, I have 2 games in a row that were bugged at 3am EST which is not peek time for European serversThank you for taking the time for reading, I would appreciate hearing your personal experiences and if anyone has had any of the above happen in their games, and if 343 happen to read this post PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS PROBLEM

Good hunting Spartans.

(Edit added last bullet point)

This is still a server-side connection issue. The thing is, the REQ system use seems to get refreshed at certain periods of events (opening packs, selling) and may also try a refresh on each REQ level up in a game (ex 4 to 5). Accessing certain REQs and not others also suggests a server connectivity issue because it can’t read and apply the data that’s stored there, as if it can’t delete a REQ that gets used then it won’t apply it.