New REQ ideas?

I thought that it would be cool to have a thread where people posted their ideas for new weapons and vehicles in Halo 5.

need more pistol variants, actual new armor, phaeton variants, things like that

A flamethrower would be noice

Master chief armor from the campaign.

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> Master chief armor from the campaign.

When the game came out, they said that this armor would be coming.

The grizzly tank, the hornet, and the falcon.(all variants of falcon are included)

The Grizzly, Hornet, Falcon, the Revenant and the Chopper would be excellent additions. Also the basic Rocket Hogs should be updated to lock onto aircraft.


Infection, Falcons, and Magnum Variants are things I would like to see added to the game.

Definitely would love to see the falcon return to the game.

UNSC flying vehicle, Silenced Magnum (Loadout weapon not Whispered Truth)/more magnum variants, a Phaeton with better armour/EMP immunity would be amazing, a Scout Hog where you can fit 2-4 people in the back and if there was ever a going to be a decent rocket-hog in H5 I wouldn’t mind seeing the HCE one come back that basically had a SPNKr as the turret.