New Reach Infection Maps (Come check us out!)

Hey guys whats up. We have been making maps in Reach since it came out and we have recently been posting some of our work on youtube. We have a very small following right now and would really like to get these maps out there to the public so you guys can check them out.

When we go in to creating an infection map we focus on a few aspects that set us apart from others. Almost all of our maps use our specialty designed gametype called APO. It is a unique gametype that requires precision by the human team, and allows zombies to be more tactical and less hopeless. The gametype is currently going through some playtests, that we hope to get the community to take part in.

Right now we currently have two infection maps on our channel with other maps already done waiting to be playtested.

The first is a map called Underpass

Underpass Map

The gameplay we went for with this map is designed to force players out of there spawn and seek shelter. Players spawn with pistols and have a choice to either go to a gas station or a gunshop for supplies. To get firepower players will need to leave the cover of the spawn and go out in to the open and thus expose themselves in order to get the weapons. The map is done and ready for download, but may be tweaked if we see fit.

The next map is called Phobia

Phobia Map

While Underpass has players moving out looking for weapons. phobia has players held up in a mansion trying to survive. Weapon spawns a little closer to home here, but there are more options and cover for the zombies. This map features a 2 story mansion with multiple entrances, a front yard area with a garage. A huge basement, and a small armory. The map has been playtested a lot and is a fan favorite so far. Check it out.

When we design infection maps we break away from the more traditional mold. We love the gameplay of holding out and surviving and in our maps we always try and implement risk vs reward. Yes we have precision weapons over there, but to get to them your going to have to expose yourselves and put yourselves in dangerous situations. For example on Phobia there is a warthog and a rocket launcher out in the yard and trying to get them leaves you open for a zombie attack. Please note that we believe that the zombies need to have fun as well. Zombies can take quite a few hits in APO and unless your opponent can get a headshot the zombies increased speed and jump height should prove hard to stop. Accuracy is key for humans. Tactics are key for zombies.

Also I hate doing this, but we would also really appreciate it if you guys subbed, at leadt if you liked what you saw. We are not making any money doing this, but the more people who get to enjoy our maps the better.

Also keep in touch with us through social media services ( which will be linked to our vids) to give feedback and keep up with whats going on. We would love to get a strong enough following to have a good set of community playtesters for not only future maps, but gamemodes as well.

For example, we are currently testing.

-shotgun damage in APO

  • Sniper damage in APO
  • Sniper spawn on Underpass
  • Damage resistence for zombies in APO

and some other stuff that would be easier to finalize with the help from you guys.

So please come check us out. I’m not claiming we are the greatest forgers ever, but we strive to achieve the best infection gameplay experience possible, and it is our hope and dream to someday soon be able to share it and create it with all of you guys. Thank you.

the map looks amazing i’ve been playing forge since 27,09,2010 to now and made about 170 map’s i think and the one i’m most proud of is new austin any way good job

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> the map looks amazing i’ve been playing forge since 27,09,2010 to now and made about 170 map’s i think and the one i’m most proud of is new austin any way good job

Thanks. :slight_smile: