New Reach Gameshow

I’m part of Killer Cake Productions. Who are making a new Halo Reach Gameshow, called Ultimate Spartan. Post on the thread if you are interested. If you know a lot about Halo and a good fighter on Reach prove yourself by competing in the Ultimate Spartan. By the way are not copying Last Man Standing we are just using the concept.

Link to watch are first video on our newest channel

I know a decent amount of halo, yeah, and Iam ranked a colonel grade 2, so yeah I would love to participate!

Cool when we start ill message you to join

Do you need Minecraft to participate? I’m confused. xP

I’d like to participate. Are you sending a message on this or Xbox?

We will be presenting this on XBL, that vid was just a random thing we did. Also I will send you all a message on Xbox and you join through the message

Hehe, this sounds like it has great potential. I can’t participate today, but I’d certainly like to in the future. I’m in anyway. Sign me up haha.

ill give you all a date when I get one myself. My friend who had the idea for this and has done most of the work for the gameshow is in charge. I’m just advertising it and writing the questions for the trivia section.

Awesome. I look forward to hearing from you then. xD

I would like to be a part of this

cool i forgot to mention if you win you will get microsoft points

so does anyone else think they have what it takes

I think I want in. I play Halo probaly more than I should, health wise. So yea… Cool.

Am I in?

yes you are in we accept anybody.

We have six participants including one on my friends list, don’t worry I won’t be cheating. We have another six places left.

I’m excited. Just Pm me when you have a date and time.

My friend is currently just getting ready for the gameshow just please hold on, it won’t be till soon.

How about me? Am I too late?

I’m a Field Marshall, I’ve read just about every Halo book, and I’m looking for something to do.

Soooooo…can I join?

oh yeah you can join we are still under the limit