New Reach Banshee or Classic Banshee?

Hey guys. I doubt anyone but 343 knows the answer to this question: Will we have the Reach version of the Banshee or the Classic one?

I prefer the Classic style of the Banshee. The one in Reach looks horrible. Chubby with stumpy wings.

I doubt this’ll get answered by 343 so just which one you prefer and why. Maybe if it is the Reach one we can get it changed?

Well, from the video and everything that has been said, it will probably look more like a Reach banshee, but control like a CE one, which will be AWESOME!

Classic looks Halo alien feel.
Reach looks like something from another sci fi game. Just look at those cannons. And if the reach banshee’s supposed to be more streamlined, why is it’s movement speed still slow?

That doesn’t mean I hate it though. I’ve got the Reach Banshee avatar item from a Xbox Live Rewards monthly offering. :smiley:

I greatly prefer the Reach version.

I like both but I think the covie’s tech should always have a streamlined organic feel more akin to CE’s banshee over reach’s.

I actually prefer the Reach one. I felt the classic version of it was too bubbly looks for a fighter and didn’t quite fit the style of other Covenant vehicles. And while I feel that the wings of the Reach version should be worked on some, I think it is much better than the old one with the pods on the end. The angle of wings of the classic one always bugged me too, so another reason I like the new one.

I greatly prefer the old one, it fells more “Halo CE”.