New Reach Armor?

Sup people?

I just wanted to open this topic to discuss whether or not 343 should add new armors to Halo Reach now that they’re in charge.

Should they add new armor?

If so, what kinds of designs should be added?

Whether this is possible has been the topic of debate recently, but I’m sure 343 is trying to make it happen. In this interview, it’s clear they’re working on it.

Personally I hope it’s variety among armor, i.e. less knobs and whistles, more plates.

I would like just some new pieces, but anyway I don’t know why everyone wants so much new armors. We have already a full armory with things that we can’t even use all together… I hope they would make possible to have flames + armor effect, that would be great.

I’m sure new armor is on it’s way, David Ellis made it pretty obvious in Greenskull’s interview (see above video).

I don’t really see the point of adding new armor this far into Reach’s life. It seems rather pointless. Would I mind if they did? Not at all. I don’t know what to expect though.

It wouldn’t matter much to me anyway. I’m a Mythic and only have 29% armory completion lol I have over 5.1 million cR saved up, so it’s not like I buy much anyway. I’m happy with my Spartan the way he is, atm.

lol, interviewer used trap it was super effective.
I was on the borderline of new armor or not for a while, but this has kind of confirmed it for me.

I do think they should. I am not sure they will or not but I’d love to see it happen…worse case scenario we’ll have to wait until Halo 4 arrives which really isn’t that far away. A year goes by so fast nowadays. :slight_smile: