New Reach achievement help

I am seeking help with the new Halo Reach achievements. I currently need “All Alone”, “Don’t Touch That!”, and “Paper Beats Rock”. If you can help me send me a message on xbox live or leave a comment. My gamertag is: ManiacalJoker92. Thanks for all the help.

All of the new achievements are coded and need to be done on the map pack they are for. The Anniversary Ones should be easy they have their own dedicated playlist.
Emergency Room- Anniversary FFA, just keep playing an infection round will eventually come up
Stick it to the man- Anniversary Squad, this is easiest done with multi flag on battle creek
The Defiant ones are tough because they have no dedicated playlists and finding a match where all people have the DLC is rare, and usually when you do peopl shoot it down and don’t vote for it. So good luck on those, I don’t know what else to tell yah but keep trying and hope you get lucky…

All fairly easy and you should eventually get them if you play the Anniv. maps a lot, but I can’t help you on those 2 defiant maps. They are the only 2 I need. Idk why 343 would put in achievements you can’t even really get. Unless you can fill a Living Dead or BTB lobby with people with DLC, but thats just impossible. Still pissed about these fricken achivevments.