New Ranking System Hints in Forge Video?

I’m sure at this point, that the majority of you all have seen the new Forge video. If not, here you go. At a certain time in the video (7:55), the game is paused, and we can see some info about the Spartan’s rank, shown in this screenshot I took. The player is SR4 (Spartan Rank 4), and next to the XP progress counter, it says, “Balance 3”. What do you think this means? I’ve never seen this before, and I’d like to know what it is. It could be a hint for a new kind of Arena-esque ranking system, or it may be something totally different, that’s fairly obvious.

Also, I thought the “50” on his XP counter (50/1390 XP) was another rank, but then I realized I’m dumb. Hehe.

Balance 3 = Spartan Points

SR4 = rank 4 of the game. Besides it is the XP he has on that rank out of the XP he needs.

Balance 3: SP
3 spartan points.

Balance: 3 SP - SP = Spartan points.

Yup, I’m dumb. :[

Lol we see what we want to see :slight_smile: