new promethian weapon (mauler?) speculation

around 1:19 in the video, the promethian knight drops some sort of single handed weapon simular to halo 3’s mauler. when you slow it down, it is clear that this is not the rifle that we’ve been shown, as it’s too small to compare to that?
here’s the video and sorry if this has been brought up/confirmed before
here’s the video
here’s a still
sorry about the quality of the still, if you watch the video in hd it’s much much clearer (:

That actually looks like a Covenant Carbine?

EDIT: Could possibly be the Storm Rifle also.

I’ve seen other pictures of that same weapon. definitely not a “mauler”. In other pictures it looks like an “aasualt rifle” type weapon.

It looks like the rumored Promethean Repeater.

I would also point out that at 1:25, two other Prometheans look to be carrying the same weapon.

That thing looks neat. I bet it’ll be a Magnum counterpart, but who knows.

Could be a Promethean sidearm or the “repeater” that BS Angel mentioned.

It’s definitely a Forerunner weapon by art and design (not to mention a Promethian droped it). But yeah, it appears to be an automatic maybe SMG-like gun. You can see its post mortem shot fired and it’s a single shot. So definitely not a mauler type weapon with a spread shot. Which makes sense we already have the scatter shot.

Gotta be the forerunner repeater. It looks sick though!

At a about 1:40, on the red spartan’s back you can see it from an “under” side view. That is not the storm rifle.