New Point System?

I just now realized that the 10+ when you kill people is actually the points and not some cR or xp type thing. I know I might sound stupid when saying this but, stuff like this is making Halo feel less like Halo and more like CoD but this really does make feel like CoD with the pop up HEADSHOT! and stuff like that in the middle of the screen and giving me some stupid point system that the kills are just multiplied by some random number. I just don’t see why they had to change it when the old point system made sense and didn’t actually require any thought into knowing the score.

Things like that just makes me get a little closer to thinking that 343i is secretly a bunch of CoD fans or think that they need to bring in more people from games like CoD or BF3, but the thing is people who play CoD and BF3 and really like it and are like 10th prestige and etc. Don’t like Halo as much as CoD and won’t ever really want to play it. I had a friend who just thought Halo wasn’t any fun and only really played CoD and almost all my friends on Xbox Live only really play CoD and nothing else. Please stop this and make Halo feel like Halo and stop slowly transforming the series slowly into some generic Modern Shooter…

Oh look. This thread again. Halo 4 will not be like COD. Period. Now run along and post something that isn’t completely pointless. -_-

> Oh look. This thread again. Halo 4 will not be like COD. Period. Now run along and post something that isn’t completely pointless. -_-

I’m not saying it will be like CoD. Halo will never= Cod because of things like Fun and not a load of crap. I’m saying what was wrong with the old system? There was no problem with it. There was no reason to even bother changing it if it doesn’t do anything but keep score in multiples of 10. Why was counting by 1 not good enough? And the pop up is annoying it’s in the middle of the screen and its so distracting and annoying.

Do you people even try to find Halo 4 info? Or do you just wait for it to be handed to you?

It was confirmed MONTHS AGO that the scoring system being based off “style-kills” is ONLY IN INFINITY SLAYER!!! NOT TEAM SLAYER!!!

1.Having a points system does not mean it will be just like CoD and neither do load outs.

2.The aiming/shooting, pacing and overall speed of the game, will be one of the many things that separate it from CoD. Kill times would also be included in this.

3.The points system will only be in a certain game type or game types.

4.They seem like they will be offering various play lists to cater to the many needs of all their fans. So, if you’re not interested in this kind of scoring system, then there should be something that will be better to your liking in a different play list.

Also, see Onyx’s comment above. :slight_smile:

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