New Playlists???

It would be nice to you know, maybe get some new playlists? The game has been out for an entire month and all that has been added is BTB. Seriously? 343i I know you can do better than that, not much better, but better. This game is losing population every time a new shooter or new game comes out. Yet, you continue to prolong everything. Orion has been out of matchmaking for over 2 weeks. How haven’t you fixed everything yet? It’s one map. Add some playlists that will allow for some more diversity. It’s absurd that you don’t have “fan favorites” on the playlist selection. You guys always talk about fan favorites but there’s a clear lack of those in the game at the moment. Doubles? Snipes? Countless other playlists that were an absolute blast to play sober or not. Social playlists so I don’t have to carry “noob slayers” that got carried to diamond b/c of the noob-friendly ranking system.


Yo where is koth or oddball. Nope three game types is all.

yea gotta agree with this

The Team Doubles should be a permanent playlist, it is ridiculous to think it was only fit for a weekend …