New Playlist next week?

someone be a amazing spartan and tell me? New playlist for next week? :slight_smile:

My guess is between Doubles (2 VS 2) or Rumble Pit/Lone Wolves (FFA)

I want Grifball.

I also really want grifball, or an action sack with grifball

Doubles please, thank you.

For the love of god, please Grifball!

I really hope it’s Grifball and not Doubles. I don’t want it to be something I’m not gonna play for the third week in a row. I can’t stand SWAT or Snipers.

They will probably add Team Doubles and some how screw it up big time.

I would assume it will be the FFA playlist after they accidentally put it up at the start of this week.

Assault?? oh… nevermind. maybe Juggernaut? oh… yea… they removed it too. what about one flag CTF? oh damn… it’s gone too…

I’m hoping it is FFA Throwback, I loved that playlist for the short few hours it was up.

we dont know until the update

We’ll find out in this week’s Bulletin. I’m gonna guess Grifball or Extraction though.

> I also really want grifball, or <mark>an action sack with grifball</mark>

This for sure.