new players in Firefight are fun to play with

This free trial is a good opportunity to show new players how exciting and fun Halo is. If you are a halo Veteran, i’m sure you will be practicing your best multiplayer etiquette and show the new players the ropes instead of bang their heads against the walls. Personally, I welcome any player to this game, whether you just want the Halo experience or Already seasoned in FPS. Heck if you just want to ride a warthog and pop wheelies on the beach to escape Warden Eternal, I’d be happy to jump in the passenger seat. Hey we want to win, but winning isn’t all that matters as long as you are having fun.

I think it’s great people getting the chance to play the game! :slight_smile:
It saddens me that people don’t like playing with or against new people for whatever reasons.

If people want this franchise to grown they need to welcome people into the community and not be so vile as to shun them.

Ive been able to -Yoink!- so many new people. Its simply amazing.

I enjoy seeing new players come into Halo. Ill usually welcome them by offering them my turret spot on my warthog, with myself driving around and letting them score some easy kills with the chaingun.

the bad news… Something people are sucks but later maybe they can be good in halo

It’s cool to have new players but some obviously came from cod because there so toxic

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> It’s cool to have new players but some obviously came from cod because there so toxic

Yeah it gets pretty bad when you’re losing in warzone and its these new players that ditch you. Pretty poor mentality to make it harder for your team to win if you leave, I just wish it was more clearer to the new players the consequences of leaving team games.

They are simply just fun to watch as well. I ran into a pair of new players that got 20 kills combined in a firefight match with one round dedicated to killing grunts. We won the match, but I got more entertainment out of watching those 2 learn the ropes. The cherry on top was that both of their service tags were “MLG”. It is sad that a chunk of the Halo community has zero patience for the new players. For some people this is their first time playing a game in this wonderful franchise, and I myself do not want it to be their only time playing it.

My only grievence against new players is distribution of them in teams, which is 343’s problem and not theirs.